DIY Reversible Triangle Bikini

DIY Reversible Triangle Bikini: 11 Steps (with Pictures)

In this tutorial I will show you how to make a reversible tirangle bikini like big brands, such as seafolly, victoria’s secret, frankies bikinis etc.

It’s a step by step description with images. It’s super easy and super much fun! Even if you are a complete beginner you will make it in less than 90 minutes.

Unfortunately I don’t have the Pattern to share with you yet, because I didn’t finished grading the sizes from xs-xl. But once I finish it, I will share it with you. I promise!

But for now, you need a bikini top and bottom you really like to use it as a pattern. Don’t worry we don’t have to open/distroy it! And it doesn’t have to be reversible.

Before you start, you might want to check out 4 things you need to know before making a swimsuit

Since my serger is not working at the moment and I really really wanted to show you how you can make a reversible triangle bikini, I decided to do it with my conventional sewing machine. Which by the way, works also fine!

STEP 1: Make your own reversible triangle bikini pattern

Copy/trace your bikini top and bottom on a paper and cut it.

For the top: pull out the bust strap, so it is easier to trace it down on paper. 

Then add to both pieces about 6mm seam allowance everywhere. Cut it and you’ll have your pattern to work with.

For the straps, they should be 2.5cm wide and the lengt like your bikini top. Don’t add seam allowance.

STEP 2: Equipment to make a reversible triangle bikini

Equipment to make a reversible triangle bikini

Okay girls, before we start let’s make sure we have everything we need to make our very own cheeky triangle bikini.

  1. We need two different swimsuit fabrics of 1m x 0.5m. We use the longer side for the straps.
  2. Roll cutter to cut the fabric. Fabric sisscors will also do.
  3. The Quilter’s Rule really makes it easy to cut perfect straps with equal width. It’s nice to have but you don’t need it. Of course you can use a regular ruler or just cut along the strap pattern.
  4. I strongly recommend to use dressmaker pins. I know it takes more time but believe me (espacially if you aren’t familiar with sewing swimsuit fabric) your triangle bikini will look more professional. 
  5. Rubber swimwear elastic 6mm.
  6. You can use polyester thread or wooly nylon for your sewing machine or serger.
  7. A seam ripper is always a useful tool in case you make a mistake or your sewing machine’s going mad.
  8. The loop turner makes your life so much easier when you get to turn the straps to the right side. But it’s not neccessary, you can also use a safety pin.
  9. And of course your pattern that you’ve made in Step 1

STEP 3: Cut the Fabric

Cutting the swimsuit fabric on a cutting mat

Make sure you put a cutting matt underneath the fabric otherwise you will damage your table or whatever your working place is.

The more persicely you cut the fabric along the pattern, the easier will it be to sew and the  more professional will your triangle bikini look at the end.

You should have 4 triangle pieces, 4 bottom pieces and 7 strap pieces.

STEP 4: Pin the pieces together

Pinning the reversible triangle bikini

Top: Pin the right sides of the two different prints together. In my case, I pin the right side of the zebra piece with the right side of the pink floral piece together.

Bottom: Pin the rights sides of the same prints together. In my case, I pin both zebra pieces together and both right sides of the pink floral.

STEP 5: Make the bikini straps

Fold the binding in half with the right sides together.

Attach the elsatic to the raw edges and sew it along. If you are sewing with your conventional sewing machine, use a zic zac stitch 3mm. Sew all 7 straps.

Turn the straps to the right side with a loop turner or a safety pin.

STEP 6: Sew the triangle pieces together

Before you start sewing the triangle pieces together, we need to make a little mark at the bottom of the triangle pieces for the bust strap tunnel.

Therefor we need to do little math here. The mark position should be at: ”your seam width” + “6mm for the tunnel”. If your seam width is 6mm  + 6mm for the tunnel = your mark should be at 1,2mm from the bottom.

Now Let’s make a reversible triangle bikini!

Attach the elastic at the two edges and sew it until the mark you have made before.

Sew the bottom at the beginning and end with the corners looking inside the fabric at each other. This little hack makes your diy bikini look really professional.

STEP 7: Attach the Straps to the triangle pieces

Place your straps inside out so that your straps are going through the tunnel gap. Sew it like two times over (forward, backward, forward) with a straight stitch. Cut the strap and fabric as near as possible from the straight stitch.

STEP 8: Finish the reversible triangle bikini top

Turn your triangle bikini by pulling the straps out from the tunnel gap.

Make the tunnel for the straps by sewing with a straight stitch 6mm from the bottom. Try to make this little rounding like the bottom. 

Pull the bust strap trough the tunnel of both triangle pieces with a loop turner or safety pin. Make a knot at all ends of the straps

Et Voilà your reversible triangle top is done. Nice job!

STEP 9: Sew the bikini bottom pieces together

Sew the bottom of one bottom piece from end-to-end.

The other bottom piece should have at the bottom a 2cm gap in the middle.

You will need that gap later, when you have to turn your bikini bottom to the right side.

Remove all your pins. Open your bottom pieces. Lay the right sides together and repin them.

Its important that the seams at the bottom lay in different direction.

If you sew both seams in the same direction, it will feel too bulky and uncomfortable when you wear it.

Sew all edges with attached elastic from end to end.

STEP 10: Attach the straps to the bikini bottom

It’s the same like you did it on the triangle part.

Place your straps inside out so that your straps are going through the gap at the bottom. Sew it like two times over (forward, backward, forward) with a straight stitch.

STEP 11: Finish your reversible triangle bikini bottom

Now, turn your bikini bottom by pulling the straps out from the gap.

Close the gap at the bottom with a straight stitch as close to the edges as possible. Make a knot at the end of all straps.

Finaaallyy! You did it! Can you believe it?

Please let me know how it went. Are you satisfied with your triangle bikini? What was the most difficult thing for you to do? Are you considering to actually wear it? I really want to know everything! 

Oh, and I almost forgot, if you have any question, don’t be afraid to ask. I’d love to help!

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