Where to buy swimsuit fabric

Where To Buy Swimsuit Fabric: The Most Beautiful Prints And Solids

Choosing swimsuit fabric for your next swimsuit means spending days and weeks of searching for the perfect one.

It’s the fun part of designing a swimsuit and hard descision to make at the same time.

Let’s say you want to make a reversible triangle bikini but this time it should be be something super cute and special.

You think about some fancy swimsuit fabric like bold colors with funky prints, maybe velvet or should it be sequins or holographic this time?

But where do you get this fancy swimsuit fabric?

If you live near beaches in the US, South Africa or Europe you will find plenty of local shops with a wide range of swimsuit fabric and much cheaper than online.

But if you live like me in Switzerland with no sea for 300 miles you need to rely on online shops.

While searching on google for swimsuit fabric, you will be floated with so many results but most of them are useless.

Some have very small assortment of swimsuit fabric, or just not that beautiful.

However I am going to share above  a few swimsuit fabric online shops that really stand up with beautiful prints and wide assortment of solids and are worth to checkout.


If you are looking for some outstanding prints, you should definitely checkout their shop. You will also find some beautiful solids I’m pretty sure you will love.

Their swimsuit fabric is nylon/lycra and 4-way stretch. The average price per meter is about 12$ and a sample is only .75 cent.

My very first order was at fabric fairy and it was really fast. They have international flat rate shipping that doesn’t cost a fortune. Free shipping on US orders over 125$.


In case your next swimsuit should be something fancy and special you might want to go for spandexworld.

They have such a variety of swimwear fabric like hologram, wet look, metallic, shiny or velvet.

You will find both 4-way and 2-way swimsuit fabric. The price per meter is between 9$ – 14$.

There’s also fabric weight information, which is very helpful if you can’t touch and feel the swimsuit fabric. But if you want to be sure you can order a sample cut for 1.99$.


Their swimsuit fabric diversity is likely the same as spandexworld.

But if you are obsessed with floral swimwear fabric you’ve found your place. Their colorful floral prints are so beautiful.

Their price per meter varies between 9$ – 24$ and a sample cut is 1$.

If you’re expecting this time more sales, then you’re lucky. Theremenantwarehouse offers bulk orders. Buy 10 yards and save 20%.


Amaricanspandex is by far one of the largest printed swimsuit fabric online shop.

In fact, they offer over 1800 prints online. You can choose between nylon or polyester swimsuit fabric.

You will find abstract, floral, stripes and animal prints in their assortment.

The price is 16$ per meter for nylon and 15$ for polyester lycra.


There’s no doubt that their swimsuit fabric are funky like its own name.

Not only they offer about 120 solid colors in matt and shiny but also over 1’600 prints.

For velvet lovers: there are 45 solids to choose.

They recently added some carvico vita solids to their assortment.

On top of that they launched a really fun feature called ‘Colour Me’ that allows you to customize colorways across an extensive range of prints. I could spend hours in playing with it.

The price per meter varies between 14$ – 29.90$.  They only offer polyester lycra. You can choose between flex (190gsm) and titan (250gsm).

They have also a trade site called friedmans.co.uk if you are looking for more than 20 meters to buy.


If you don’t know spoonflower yet, you have to check it out right away.

There are almost 600’000 prints available from people all over the world.

If you just can’t find the perfect print for your swimsuit fabric, you can be your own designer at spoonflower. Upload your design, choose your fabric and order.

The swimwear fabric is 88% polyester and 12% lycra.

The price is 32$ per yard. It is definitely worth a try!


Etsy is known for handmade items but it’s also a great spot to find some exclusive swimsuit fabric at a favorable price.

There are 2-way and 4-way stretch lycra.

The advantage of etsy is that there are many different suppliers which means a great diversity at one place.

FabricUniverse at Etsy is one of my favorite shop for swimsuit fabric. You might also want to checkout JacqueDesigns.

I always find something at the listed online shops above. If you aren’t sure what swimsuit fabric to use read my post about choosing the right swimwear fabric.

What are your experience in buying swimwear fabric? Did you ever buy swimsuit fabric from my listed shops? Where do you buy swimsuit fabric? I’d love to know more swimwear fabric online shops!

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