Hi lovelys,

Welcome to my page! My name is Hanita and I am a self-taught swimwear makerist from Switzerland. I’ve always had an obsession for swimsuits and since I started my adventure to learn making swimsuits all by myself, it became my passion – something that I truly love to do with all my heart.

My journey began with a simple handmade bikini post that I saw on instagram. I really loved that bikini so much and just couldn’t believe that someone is able to make such beautiful bikinis. Shame on me I don’t rember the instagram account anymore! But that simple post was my motivation to start my odyssey.

As a complete unkowing sewist, It was hard and took me years of learning and practicing almost every day until I got where I am today. I faced so many failures and sometimes I hated myself for wanting to do this so badly.

But here I am now! Beeing able to create something unique and maybe inspire others one day like I was inspired by one single post years ago.