My Name is Hanita Badzong and I am the creator of cheekyni swim. The Name Cheekyni comes from cheeky bikini. That’s what I do. I create cheeky and bold bikinis. I know how hard it can be to find the perfect bikini. Sometimes you like the bikini top but  wish for another bottom or different color. At cheekyni swim you can choose both, style and color!

It started with one funny idea. Sewing my own cheeky bikini bottom. With absolutely no background in textile industry or any sewing skills at all, I made this as my summer goal 2016. I bought a really cheap sewing machine and started with a simple ziczac stitch. And boy! You don’t want to know how crazy bad my first cheeky bikini bottom looked like. But out of obsession to make it look perfect and not self-made, it became my passion. It took me 3 years of learning and understanding to sew bikinis. It was indeed a very long journey with hard work and dedication. But it was all worth it, because I found something I truly love doing with all my heart. That was the beginning of cheekyni swim.

Your cheekyni is designed and exclusively handmade in Zurich, Switzerland. Using only premium Italian swimwear fabric and German made yarn for the finest quality. I work with an experienced and specialized swimwear freelance pattern cutter  from England, who turns my designs into PDF pattern so It can be print easily on A4 paper and start sewing your cheekyni. This way I can make sure in real-time that every cheekyni is handmade carefully and with high-quality. No China mass production here. No child labor. No dingy factory sweatshops. And no taking advantage of others to turn into profit.

Cheekyni swim is one of the only swimwear labels which is handmade in Switzerland. My cheekynis are designed for the cheeky soul! All Cheekynis are seamless and some styles even reversible. At cheekyni swim you can mix and match your bikini set and choose between so many colors, where you nowhere else can. It’s like designing your own bikini. Not sure about sizing? You’ll find a page with size guide and recommendations about the fit. You didn’t find what your looking for? Don’t worry, I also do bespoke/custom design.

We are cheeky and bold babes who care about sweatshop free bikinis, honest and fair wages. We don’t care about sizes. Because we believe that every woman no matter how tall, small, thin or curvy with or without flaws, can rock a cheekyni with her confident and a smile on her face. You are unique and beautiful the way you are and this is how we want you to be in our cheekyni! Just be your natural self.